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Winx Games Tutorials-Episode 1, Gardenia Ice-Cream Shop

This is episode 1 of my new series named Winx Games Tutorials! I present you in ep 1 the game Gardenia Ice-Cream Shop! In next episode i present you the game Dress me up!
Link if you wanna play the game:


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37 thoughts on “Winx Games Tutorials-Episode 1, Gardenia Ice-Cream Shop

  1. Nhung cau nguoi ta noi dung la gio hoi qua thoi dung la dien khung dung khong hieu chua . Nhung loi nhan xet hay nhe

  2. I don't understand this video at all and it is to slow and some of the characters are ordering the samething over and over

  3. าเาเสสืท่ทามมมมใใใทืมมิมมวฝใวใงใ มววงมทวว ทใใวงฝ ว่สาททิทมมมใอิทมิเอ

  4. The game "Wedding Cake Decorating" is better than this. It's funny, nice graphic designed and very exciting! Try it!
    You can download here:

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