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Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Karak sits down to review Wolfenstein youngblood for review
#wolfenstein #wolfensteinyoungblood

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wolfenstein youngblood
young blood
wolfenstein youngblood review


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39 thoughts on “Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. I really enjoyed the game until i got to the brothers 2 garage you spend 2 hours fighting to the top then you try to jump onto a platform and you don't make it so you have to start all over again. i quite the game after that. it was just to much bs to have to start all over again. I don't understand why bethesda make such a trashy game. i will never buy another game from them. no save slot or reload levels. and if you don't start it off just right you will have to start the game all over again.

  2. the germans were the good guys in WW2, god i hope AH spirit rises from the grave soon to show the world that he was right. the good guys lost and now all western nations are being forced to live in a multi ethnic hell hole. diversity sucks and is only pushed on whites

  3. Inadvertently or Not, gotta give PC Games credit for pinpointing what the criticism of the game came down to. Most of the game media (LGBQT Media) were pretending to be too dense to understand the problems with Pete Hines' marketing campaign.

  4. Despite the seemingly unwise detraction from being Blaz himself, this game kicks some serious ass! I won't deprive myself of the graphics and game play for the sake of a few negative feed-backs! No, they did well! Very good game! Play it!

  5. This is one of the most politicized games of the year it is a complete and total piece of s*** of a game it is one of the worst games I have ever seen in my life

  6. I got this game for free with my new graphics card and I still feel like I paid too much. This "review" feels more like a paid advertisement than a honest review of the game.

  7. I will wait for sale or bye the game when it is really cheap what i dont like about this game is armor for enemys and when you open a supllydrop that you moost of the time only get coins. But i like openworld and buddypass

  8. I just got this game from Gamefly, and I actually love it so far. I'm disappointed that so many people are hating on it. I can understand why some might not like the changes, but to me this game feels like a studio taking a risk and I like that attitude. And this isn't a "mainline" Wolfenstin game. It's a sort of expansion or add on. Perhaps I'll change my mind as I get further in, but I've loved every minute of the first few hours and those daughters are hilarious.

  9. They ruined the story…actually where even is the story bc it’s nonexistent. Just going to stop giving Bethesda the benefit of the doubt.

  10. Didnt like the main characters. Felt like they coming from a completely different era than the one they claim.

    Their jokes were just good awful too

  11. you said the ai is good when you are not playing co-op? every other reviewer i have seen tell tales of it bugging out and just standing in the open get dumped on by the enemy. And you have to run out and revive her or lose.

  12. Thanks for the input. I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 to tide me over till 3. Maybe I'll get this for shits and giggles till then…

  13. Nazi's have been in charge for decades yet the two girls still spout off cringy brotastic dialogue like they're a couple of frat party lesbians who are hyped that they just watched Captain Marvel. With Nazi's in charge that likely wouldn't happen, maybe i'm being picky but it sounds annoying.

  14. I'd have absolutely no problem with a Nazi killing game sacrificing logic for sensationalism, you know, like they did for the first two games.
    What I do have an issue is when diversity has more of a hand in the plot and characters in a friggin shoot em up game, than well balanced game play.

    If the AAA gaming Market in 2019 really wants to be diverse and equal, how about making a game with over the top, disgustingly evil Russian Communists? I know it will never happen because reasons but I'm still asking.

  15. Holy crap! An actual objective review that isn't coming out the gate with the intention to hate the game? Thanks for being awesome, ACG!

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