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Word count Microsoft Word 2016

Did you know Microsoft Word can instantly count the number of words, characters, lines and paragraphs in a .doc document? This short video shows how. It also shows how to count the words for a single paragraph or chapter. The lesson is based on the book Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes. For more information, visit


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11 thoughts on “Word count Microsoft Word 2016

  1. Lets say you wanna know how many words are in the 35 pages of your 44 page document besides highlighting it to find out, who do you do that? It should have a feature where you can tell it to count the words on on certain pages, errrrrrr.

  2. I dont know why it counts the table of contents, bibolography, citations, how do I cut that off? No such option, Im using word 2016

  3. Summarised for those who don't want to listen to 2.5 minutes for a 3 second piece of info – look bottom left in the bar, if there is no word count there, when you are in your doc, click "review" in top bar and then "word count " which is top left.

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