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WTF❓ GoPro MAX is NO better than Fusion for 360, plus 10 reasons why you still want it!

Watch the detailed review & comparison in 360 VR here:
GoPro MAX is out! But the SPEC is NOT so impressive. 360 video is only 5.6K in 30fps and video bitrate is LOW. I go in-depth in this video to analysis the GoPro MAX specs and list 10 reasons why you still want to buy the GoPro MAX and why I am so disappointed with this release.

This is NOT the official review just yet. But I will follow these 10 reasons to show you side by side comparison with GoPro Fusion, Insta360 ONE X, Vuze XR and even the Insta360 Titan in the next video!

For those still want it, pre-order on B&H:
(In case you hate it, you have 30 days to return it lol)

Read the article and specs here:

GoPro MAX specs:
Video Resolution: 5.6K 30fps, 1440p 60fps, 1080p 60fps
Video codec: H.264 / H.265 (HEVC)
Photo Resolution 16.6 MP
Stabilization: Yes with the new horizon leveling feature
Bit Rate: up to 78mb/s
Waterproof: Yes, up to 16” / 5m
Video modes: Time Lapse, Time Warp, Slow Motion, Power Pano
Audio: x6 Microphones / Ambisonic Audio / Shotgun audio
Livestream: Yes, 1080p
Color: Protune, Manual Control
Weight: 154g
Battery: 1600mAh
Connection: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C
Extra Features: Voice Control, On screen shortcuts
Addon: replaceable lens cap


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33 thoughts on “WTF❓ GoPro MAX is NO better than Fusion for 360, plus 10 reasons why you still want it!

  1. Was excited for this camera but its a bummer they didn't go with a higher resolution. They're probably aimed at making a more accessible camera with the 1 card and trying to bridge the gap between people not using 360 yet. Still gotta test it out for myself and see how it compares to the other cameras available.

  2. So I might be pretty mad if I buy the Max and Insta360 comes back hitting harder with a new 360 version on the X. I still appreciate the GoPro app to control the camera veiw 🤯

  3. Thanks Hou again for Ur detailed video!great work, and im sure U give nice feedback to the potential buyers what to buy or not!

  4. Thanks for all the info, I've been subscribed to and watching your videos for quite a while now and trust your opinions. I'd like to ask your advice on something. I've had a Yi 360 for about a year now that recently got damaged, and want to get a new 360 camera. The Max looks great and the user friendliness of it appeals to me as I'm just a dad that wants to shoot 360 family videos, I have zero editing skills other than simple stitching/encoding/compressing using the YI provided software, although I'm a quite learner. The Fusion is on sale right now for $250, plus you get free dual charger and 2 additional batteries. The max will be $500, which is more than I want to spend, but will do it if it's worth it. I use a gaming laptop to do my stitching encoding (i8 8750h, gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb ram, ssd). Do you think I'd be ok with the Fusion, or should I go with the Max? Thanks and keep up the great content!

  5. This guy is fucking clueless. The fusion is basically 2 cameras in one, hence the 2 sd cards. Front shoots at say 60 or whatever Mb/s and the back does the same. You stitch both 180 degree videos into one 360 and you get 60mb/s all round. You don't magically add front and back to get 120Mb/s. The max does 78Mb/s in 360… So it's better

  6. I learn that the difference between H.264 on fusion, insta one x etc, vs H.265 on max. Go read about it and you will realize why H265 is better in terms of compression

  7. I thought Gopro would of at least matched Insta360 oneX on spec, with the Gopro Max, what a massive disappoint also the Max is more expensive, I hope Gopro do some good updates ..

  8. Dude, you’re getting so many things wrong. GoPros 6 7 and 8 use GP1 chip. GoPro Max is quite an upgrade if you actually thought about it.

  9. Hi Hugh!! Thanks for all of the amazing advice you give in each of your videos. For some of us which are just getting started, we find them really valuable. I was wondering if you could do a video on building a powerfull pc for producing VR content, showing which hardware works best and your personal opinion on what parts to buy. I have many doubts on which motherboard, processor, storage, etc. to buy. Thanks and keep it up man!!!!

  10. 1. Cheaper brand new
    2. Higher quality
    3. Easier to use
    4. More options
    5. It has a touch screen
    6. Doesn’t need as many SD cards, so it’s even cheaper

    GoPro max wins.
    Try again, buddy. Not quite number 1.

  11. Very interesting to look at 😉🙃

    Little question. Do several cameras synchronize individual extra microphones with the audio signal? any idea

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