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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by YI Technology or was paid to do such a video.
MarkusPix send me this camera and thanks to him I am able to push out real content on this lens and camera. Subscribe to MarkusPix now to win free camera gear and join a community of photographers sharing experiences

I’m a travel photographer and this review is a field-tested real world review on the lens and hopes that you enjoy my findings. All Images were shot in JPG and video was recorded with the ProMovie App For IOS on my iPhone 6S in 4K 30fps. Please take the time to comment and share the work that I do. Want to help support talented photographers like myself, please help keep the light on here by making a small donation to the PayPal link below. (No account needed to donate)

FYI: While making this video I shredded my pants (you will see in the video B-roll) LOL

Thank you for watching and hope to hear from you soon.

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10 thoughts on “XIAOYI 42.5mm f/1.8 Lens (Field Tested) | YI M1 4K Camera (Photos Review)

  1. Thank you, everyone for supporting by watching and sharing. It's has been the hardest 6 months for me as TRAVEL#photographer and a #youtuber content creator. Please support the link to help keep the lights on here for future content by making a small donation to the Paypal. Thank you and love you all

  2. Please tell me how much this camera bitrate is? (mbps) at 4k res. (the maximum bitrate) and what is the format h264? high or main? and the sound AAC or DTS or AC3 or WAV and how much kbps and is it support 48khz sound and does it support 48 fps or 60 fps?

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