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Saya diberi peluang untuk test ride motor terbaru keluaran Zontes!

Harap video ini dapat memberi input sedikit sebanyak pada orang di luar tentang motor yg serba-boleh dan technology friendly ni!

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  1. model zontes ni teknologi china yg jauh dah maju jauh ke depan dah, sama jgk dgn CF moto, harga pun berbaloi dan boleh dimiliki. compare kawasaki versys650 harga tinggi, aku ada modal nk ambil zontes GT 650 atau CF moto MT650

  2. Looks awesome but the price is the turning point for many rider even though with the quality part given as some still skeptical about china bike. The bike relying too much on electronics which give me some chills (guess I'm a technophobe). IMO Malaysia weather is quite rough as it always rain but can be hot most of time and this will put a great stress on the electronics reliability and some china bike do have poor coverset material which deteriorate so quickly (hopefully this one does not). Only passing the the test of time will give this bike a credibility to biker. My 2nd opinion, if you have 20+k to spend on bike, then go for it but if you are thinking on taking 7 years loan with about rm400 monthly payment, please think twice.

  3. Zontes nampak menarik.. sparepart cmne ye?

    Remote hilang atau tercicir??? Nak tahu tutorial nak hidupkan motor tanpa remote??

    Mari2 singgah tgk jangan lupa kasi like share dan subscribe

  4. Wahai kerajaan hapuskanlah lesen B1 dan biarlah org ada lebih pilihan… Lesen Bfull Bukan murah Dan lesen b1 tu pilihan motor pun kureng

  5. Ini mcm gpx brand baru masuk mmg bungkus beb… Dh le tyr kecik body kecik… Mmg zontes jd pilihan pasni dgn system canggihnya n design robotik…

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